Chiller Units

Portable or Central — Water or Oil

Water Temperature Control Units

Micro Series

Micro-Manage Your Temperature Control Needs

  • Easily removable panels for quick access to internal components
  • Pressure switch
  • NEMA 1 electrical enclosure
  • 250°F maximum operating temperature
  • Motor circuit protector
  • Independent safety thermostat
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty at the factory
  • 3 year warranty on controller and probe
  • Additional options available

2010, 2012 Royal Series

Technological Innovation Through Rugged Simplicity

  • Compact, rugged cabinet with easy-access side panels
  • Cast-and-flange design to reduce connection points
  • Half- and full-heat capability
  • Dual stage Incoloy™ immersion heater with IEC contractors
  • NEMA 12 electrical enclosure
  • M2B+ microprocessor controller
  • Brand fusing
  • Automatic vent sequence
  • Operating range of 32°F to 250°F (0°C to 121°C)
  • Non-fused lockable rotary disconnect
  • Forward-facing liquid-filled To and From Process pressure gauges
  • 150 psig (1,034 kPa/10.3 bars) pressure relief valve
  • Additional options available

CDT Series

Designed to Handle Your Needs

  • Process pumps available in .67 or 1.5 hp
  • 1/4” X 9/32” orifice cooling valves
  • 3/4" female NPT common cooling water in and cooling water out connections terminated in ball valves
  • Liquid-filed water supply pressure gauge
  • 1/8” male NPT common air purge connection
  • Individual 1/16th DIN controllers with a separate 24-hour time clock for automatic startup and shutdown
  • All non-ferrous construction
  • Cooling valve and heater
  • Additional options available

9012 Series

Stay In Production While You Wait to Fix Those Leaks

  • Unit operates in either a positive or negative mode. Adjusts easily via the operation of an external hand-operated valve handle
  • Three phase 9 kW electric immersion heaters are suspended vertically for long heater life
  • Designed for easy substitution for any standard water temperature controller
  • It uses the same hose and piping connections and does not require external air source
  • An integral air separator automatically vents air from the system.
  • Eliminates manual requirement for the operator
  • Reduces production losses by enabling you to postpone repairs until the end of a production run
  • Under negative pressure operations, water cannot leak out as in a conventional pressure system
  • Quick interchangeability reduces downtime by getting you back into production fast
  • Additional options available

SEU Series

Manage All Your Temperature Control Needs

  • NEMA 1 electrical enclosure
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Incoloy® heater
  • Solenoid valve
  • Adjustable low pressure switch
  • 1/16DIN off-the-shelf control
  • Additional options available



Oil Temperature Control Units

6010 Series

Full Size Performance In a Small Compact Design

  • Pressure switch interlock for heater
  • Safety thermostat
  • Auto pressure-actuated bypass valve
  • Heavy-duty positive-displacement pump
  • All controls and connectors are ideally located for convenient hookup
  • Additional options available

2016M Series

Maximum Performance Maximum Footprint

  • Compact footprint minimizes floor space
  • NEMA 12 enclosure with I.E.C. electrical components meets  NFPA 70 &
  • 79 electrical standards, with branch fusing, disconnect switch and single-point connections
  • High efficiency 1 & 2 hp positive displacement pump, capable of pump reverse to evacuate the process
  • Oil pressure switch
  • Process oil bypass line for heater
  • To-process pressure gauge on all units
  • Expansion / reservoir tank for easy pump-down of system
  • Auto-vent sequence
  • Removable top, side and rear access panels
  • Safety thermostat
  • Additional option available

2016U Series

Combine Precise, Automatic Temperature Control With Easy Operation

  • 550°F temperature
  • Heaters from 12-48 KW
  • Flows from 18-50 GPM at 30-50 PSI
  • NEMA 12 electrical
  • Positive displacement mechanical seal pump
  • Front-mounted fluid sight gauge
  • Simplified piping design
  • Advanced M2B+ controller
  • Rotary through-the-door disconnect switch
  • Low level alarm
  • Manual bypass
  • Fill port
  • User-friendly controls with pump start, stop and reverse buttons, mode selection switch and audible alarm
  • Single-pass heater tank
  • 17-gallon expansion / reservoir capacity
  • Shrouded sight glass
  • Reservoir drain pipe
  • Check valves to water supply and drain lines
  • Vent outlet
  • Removable top, side and rear access panels
  • Industrial grade casters
  • Forklift rails
  • Additional options available

6017 Series

Temperature Control For The Big Jobs

  • Viking positive displacement, packed pump with drip return pump
  • TEFC Pump Motor
  • NEMA 12-style electrical control enclosure with IEC electrical components
  • Disconnect switch
  • Pressure-actuated bypass valve
  • System status graphics display
  • To Process oil pressure gauge
  • Temperature to 550°F
  • Heater sizes from 50 to 200 kW
  • Pump rates of 90, 150 or 200 gpm
  • UL listed electrical subpanel
  • Optional cooling capabilities
  • M2B+ controller standard
  • Low level alarm
  • Autoshutdown (M2B+ controller)
  • Additional options available



Portable Chillers Units

SMC Series ½ to 1 ½ hp

Big Features In A Small Package

  • Hermetic reciprocating compressors
  • Tube-in-tube evaporators
  • Fin- and tube- air cooled compressors
  • HFC-134a on ½ and 1 hp, HCFC-22 on 1 ½ hp
  • 230v/1/60 electrics
  • NEMA 1 electrical enclosure
  • Efficient, insulated pump and evaporator
  • High and low refrigerant pressure cut-outs
  • Hot gas bypass capacity control
  • Thermal expansion valve
  • Refrigerant sight glass
  • Filter dryer
  • Dimensions: 26” x 20” x 36 ½”
  • Additional options available

SMC Series 2 to 40 hp

Advanced Technology For Enhanced Performance

  • Easy access panels
  • 1 year compressor and labor warranty; 2 year parts warranty; 3 year limited controller warranty
  • NEMA 12 electrical enclosure
  • Low rpm blower designed to reduce noise (20 – 30 hp)
  • Non-fused disconnect switch with single point power connection
  • Branch motor fusing
  • “Y” strainer on process water line to evaporator
  • 1/16 DIN PID auto-tuning, off-the-shelf modular controller is accurate to within +/- 1°F
  • Stamped, stainless steel, horizontally mounted pump assures reliability
  • Non-ferrous piping (2 -30 hp) air cooled units feature aluminum fin / copper tube condensers with easy on/off, washable air filters
  • Water-cooled units equipped with water regulating valves. 2-7.5 hp  units have tube-in-tube condensers; 10-40 hp units have cleanable shell  and tube condensers
  • Additional options available

Central Chillers Units

SCW Series

Screw Compressor Chiller 60 to 195 Tons

  • Semi-hermetic screw compressors
  • Stainless steel brazed plate evaporators (60 & 75 tons)
  • Shell & tube evaporators (90-195 tons)
  • Cleanable shell & tube condensers (water cooled)
  • Fin & tube condensers with -20°F ambient operation (remote air  cooled)
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • R-134a refrigerant
  • All refrigerant safeties
  • Additional options available

SSC Series

Scroll Compressor Chiller 30 to 100 Tons

  • Hermetically sealed scroll compressors
  • Stainless steel brazed plate evaporators
  • Shell & tube condensers with water regulating valves (water cooled)
  • Fin & tube condensers with -20°F ambient operation (remote air cooled)
  • R-22 refrigerant
  • All refrigerant safeties
  • Additional options available

SSC-WT Series

30 to 100 Ton Chilling System

  • Scroll Compressors: The latest in rotational compression technology,  hermetically sealed scroll compressors use 50% fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors resulting in unparalleled efficiency, reliability  and noise reduction
  • Interior Stainless Steel Reservoir (Dual Well): 100% non-ferrous  stainless steel tank eliminates the need for routine tank maintenance.  1/2” tank insulation
  • Generously Sized Process and Recirculation Pumps: Optional dedicated  standby pumps allow longer life (with automatic motor cycling) and  reduced downtime due to pump maintenance and repair. Check valves  allow automatic switchover (manual closing not required)
  • Full Size Lug Style Butterfly Valves: Allows complete servicing of one  circuit while other(s) remain online
  • Automatic Water Makeup Valve With Baffle: Automatically adds water  to the system to maintain desired level
  • Welded Steel Frame: One-piece construction is perimeter welded to  minimize vibrations and includes convenient fork slots for easy  maneuvering
  • Brazed Plate Evaporators: Very compact and efficient stainless steel  units
  • Cleanable Shell and Tube Condensers: With the epoxy-coated heads  easily accessible from the front of the unit, scale and fouling buildup can be removed quickly and easily
  • Water Regulating Valve (Water Cooled Units): Regulates the flow of  water through the condenser for stable system operation
  • Hour Meters –Compressor & pumps
  • Branch Fusing: Provides additional Protection for individual motors
  • Compressor phase protection
  • Audible / visual alarm indication
  • Refrigerant: R22

Outdoor Series 

An Efficient, Space Saving System For Process Cooling

30RAN Scroll Compressor Models


  • 10-60 ton cooling capacity (11 models)
  • Hermetic scroll compressors
  • Direct expansion type brazed plate evaporator(s)
  • Aluminum fin/copper tube condenser with direct drive reinforced  polymer fans
  • R-22 refrigerant
  • Standard ambient operation from -20°F to 125°F(-29°C to 52°C) Wind  baffles required for -20°F operation
  • Standard leaving water temperature setpoints are from 40°F to 70°F  (4°C to 21°C). Other setpoints ranges are available upon request
  • Two independent circuits on 035 and 055
  • Refrigeration(s) circuits include filter dryer, sight glass and thermal expansion valve
  • Safeties include: high and low refrigerant, freezestat, phase loss motor overload, and reverse rotation of the compressor
  • Additional options available

30RB Screw Compressor Models


  • 60-300 ton cooling capacity (17 models)
  • Rotary scroll compressors
  • Minimum load capacity control
  • Direct expansion shell and tube cooler with cooler heaters
  • Puron® R-410A Refrigerant
  • Standard ambient operation from -20°F to 125°F -29°C to 52°C) Wind  baffles required for -20°F operation
  • Standard leaving water temperature setpoints are from 40°F to 85°F  (4°C to 29°C). Other below temperature setpoint ranges are available  upon request
  • Three independent circuits
  • Refrigeration(s) include oil separator, discharge and liquid like shut off  valves, filter dryer, sight glass and electronic expansion valve
  • Safeties include: high and low refrigerant, freezestat, phase loss, motor overload, ground fault, voltage and current imbalance, evaporator flow switch, and reverse rotation of compressor
  • One year parts and labor warranty with factory startup is standard
  • Additional options available

SBFC Series

Increase Blown Film Productivity Year Round With A Performance Proven Ring-Cooling System

  • Designed for floor or ceiling mounting for ease of installation
  • Deep, high surface area, chilled-water coil using copper tubes and  aluminum fins to insure optimum heat transfer
  • Insulated housing with integral drip pan and bolt-on support legs
  • Dial thermometers for discharge air stream, discharge chilled water supply and return to monitor temperatures
  • Condensate drain trap for removal of collected condensation
  • Additional options available