Knives & Anvils - Steel

PM Specialty Steel – Cost Effective

Tool Source Inc. will evaluate your application to determine if PM steels are the right match.  These specialty steels work in applications in which there is too heavy of an impact for carbide or other ultra-hard materials.  We will select the proper material grade for both the knife and anvil and determine the hardness based on the material being cut.

industrial knives

High Wearing!

TSI would like to show you what a difference PM specialty steel knives and anvils can make in your application.
Contact us for additional information or to discuss the details of your severe wear problem.
One of our technical advisors with their years of knowledge will be glad to make recommendations for improving your wear resistance.

  •   Failure Analysis
  •   Expert Material Selection
  •   Design Assistance
  •   On-Going Engineering Support
  •   Continuous Improvement

Please send your drawing or samples to TSI for material, hardness and geometry evaluation.


Partnership is Our Commitment to You!

We use the most technologically advanced and hardest known materials available for excellent wear and corrosion resistance.
These are engineered and manufactured precision PM specialty steel wear resistant knives and anvils designed for medium to heavy impact cutting.
We continue to build upon our leadership position by sharing the wealth of our expertise.  We pride ourselves in building a partnership with our customers by assisting them in identifying the optimum material and engineering for the best performance.

  •   PM Specialty Steel (Various Grades Available)
  •   Critical Knife to Anvil Matching Grades
  •   Critical Knife to Anvil Hardness Match