Lamination Equipment

Designed to your specific requirements


Our custom lamination equipment is incorporated into many different nonwoven applications.  We specialize in various nonwoven applications that are designed around your specific needs.  One of our technical advisors will be glad to assist you with designing a unit to accomplish your lamination goals.

Backsheet Lamination

Unwind, Lamination, Rewind

Ultrasonic Lamination

Hot Melt Systems

On-line Integration

Accessory Options:

  •   Pnuematic Web Guides
  •   Turnbar Assemblies
  •   Jib Cranes
  •   Walkover Ramps
  •   Controls
  •   And More

Testing, Installation & Training

Disposable diaper production equipment and complete lamination equipment  of nonwoven, poly, and other materials.

Customer Commitment

We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom equipment. The majority of our projects are proprietary in nature. We understand the importance of the competitive advantage that can be achieved with custom automatic equipment. We are careful to protect our customers need for confidentiality.