Rotary Tucker Crossfolders

Bi-folders & Tri-folders

Model 337-C Bi-Folder:

  • Balanced rotary motion for high speeds and low maintenance requirements
  • Uses a hypocycloidal rotary motion to lower folding accelerations and reduce end seal blowouts
  • Timing belt style conveyors eliminate belt slippage
  • Cantilevered design allows for easy adjustment and maintenance
  • Compact size allows simple retrofit into most lines 47”(1184mm) wide X 50”(1270mm) high
  • Single drive shaft for tuckers and conveyors

Key Features:

  Lower belt section pneumatically shifts down to allow full access to clear jams or   perform maintenance.

  All belts can be removed without disassembly of conveyor sections.

  Folding gaps are adjusted with eccentric rollers.

  Mounting can be configured for various centerlines and frame types.

  Adaptable to existing drive equipment.

  Vacuum or blow-off type cull equipment is available.

  Position of infeed and outfeed can be modified to fit existing equipment.

  Available in LH or RH orientation.

  Tri-fold configuration is also available.

  Guarding is available as required by each application.