Various Units Available

These Hammermills are constructed of all stainless steel and used for converting pulp sheet to fluff.  They are also designed to be utilized for use with material that are especially corrosive in nature.  Each unit is designed to meet your requirements.

Model 665-A Specs (sample)


Up to 2000 kg/hr depending on screen size and pulp type

Sheet Size:

Up to 21.25” wide (540mm)

Rotor Specs:

24” diameter (610mm) x 22.25” wide (565mm), fixed blade, carbide tipped, “W” pattern, 3600 rmp max speed

Feed Rolls:

Two feed roll stations, pneumatically loaded, single or dual sheet feed.

Air Flow:

4000-7000 ft³/min (113-198 m³/min) depending on capacity and screen size.

Filtration Quality:

1-2% knots, 9-15% fines, 2.7 mm average fiber length using NB416 untreated, NF401 semi-treated, and NF405 treated

Motor Size:

Main drive: 125 hp (93 kw)

Feed rolls:

2 hp (1.5 kw) each


47” long x 49” wide x 41” high (1194mm x 1245mm x 1041mm) without main motor, air infeed and outfeed ducts


 4600 pounds (2087 kg) w/o motors


Reworks Programs:

Our rework program ensures that your rotary hammermill quality is maintained throughout it’s life.  We remove damaged tips and replace them with the latest grades of carbide to enhance the performance.  Great care is taken to maintain critical tip to tip tolerances and then the mill is dynamically balanced to the ISO standards.

Clean & Inspect
Replace & Repair
Sharpen Blades
Dynamic Balance
Final Inspection

Contact us for a quotation for your new Hammermill requirements or rebuilds.

Pilot Hammermills:

Designed as a pilot unit, this "miniature" Hammermill is used to conduct testing on various pulp types and process settings.  These Hammermills that are integrated into various production environments.