Manual & Automatic Splicing Designs

Designed for Each Individual Application

Available Option:

   Turn Bars                                     PLC Controls

   Festoons                                      Automatic Splicers

   Tension Controls                           Manual Splicers

   Cantilevered Design                      Fixed Rolls

   Traveling Rolls                              Linear Guide Systems

   Pneumatic Cylinders                      And More!

Key Features:

Components are mounted on a back plate (cantilevered design) for easy
operator access.
Components can be reconfigured to change left hand to right hand or to
change the web direction entering or leaving the splicer.
Adjustable spring/drag brake rolls within the splicer eliminate the need for
external web tensionbers.

 Position of infeed and outfeed can be modified to fit existing equipment.

 Available in LH or RH orientation.

 Tri-fold configuration is also available.

 Guarding is available as required by each application.