Stretch Ear Applicators

Series 200

This equipment will process either rectangular, rectangular with shaped hook patch or shaped big ear, hook and loop elastic tabs. 

The equipment consists of an offline module and depending on the tab design, may require additional online equipment.  The offline module is capable of unwinding and automatically splicing the elastic material while maintaining an adjustable web tension.   Optional additional equipment provides lamination of the hook material with the stretch ear material. 

The equipment  unwinds the hook material, applies adhesive, combines the elastic and hook,  die cuts the combined web and feeds the two webs into the main processing line.  The online equipment, if required, applies adhesive, cuts the tabs to length, applies them to the diaper web and folds them into the diaper.

Series 200


Key Features:

The online tab cut and application operations are speed matched to the main web. This is essential for processing the large shaped ear tabs without wrinkling or skewing.  

The online equipment replaces the existing tab application equipment.

Position of infeed and outfeed can be modified to fit existing equipment.

Available in LH or RH orientation.

Tri-fold configuration is also available.

Guarding is available as required by each application.